Regal ECig Review: How Do They Stack Up?

What is a Regal ECig?

Electronic cigarettes are the safe alternative smokers have been looking for. TechnologyRegal Electronic Cigarette has finally found a way for smokers to enjoy themselves in public without bothering all the non-smokers around them, and that’s thanks to the Regal E Cigarette. A revolutionary new electronic cigarette company, Regal ECig offers a smoking alternative to harmful tobacco products while still providing the same nicotine as a regular cigarette. Amazingly, the electronic cigarette produces no smoke, so you can use it practically anywhere. This Regal ECig Review will explain how the e-cig works and why it’s a smart change to make.

The Regal ECig has been around for years, and after some initial skepticism and worry about the validity of the company, Regal ECig has proven to be an effective and safe alternative for tobacco smokers. We decided to put Regal Electronic Cigarettes to the test and see for ourselves how real their claims were, and we were not disappointed. If you’re a long time smoker looking for a healthy transition to a smoke free life, or just looking for an alternative to tobacco products, the electronic cigarette world is a fast growing and increasingly reputable resource.

How the Regal Electronic Cigarette Works

The Regal Electronic Cigarette make use of the latest in electronic cigarette smoking technology. When the user inhales from the product, a smart chip in the device detects the air flow and activates the heating aspect.Inside the device, a battery heats liquid nicotine which transforms into vapor which is drawn by the smoker through the filter and released into the air was pure water vapor. This way you get the stimulating effects of nicotine without the negative health risks by using tobacco. You’re not harming yourself, and you’re not harming anyone around you. Traditional tobacco contains over 30 known carcinogenic chemicals, but now you can get the same enjoyment from a cigarette without the risk.

Regal ECig Review

Some of the Benefits of Regal ECigs are:

• Ability to smoke anywhere
• Various nicotine levels to choose from
• No smell
• No tar
• No ash
• Less expensive
• Safer to use
• No harmful side effects

Regal ECig


Each refill cartridge for Regal ECigs costs about the same as a regular pack of cigarettes, but they last longer. We determined that a casual one pack a day smoker will be able to actually save about $1000 a year if they replace cigarettes with Regal ECigs.

Final Analysis

Our Regal ECig Review found that this stuff really works. Taking hits of a Regal Electronic Cigarette is shockingly similar to real cigarettes, and you feel the same effects. With the data we collected for this Regal ECig review, we would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to break the habit of smoking expensive and dangerous tobacco based cigarettes and would like to improve their life. The Regal ECig is also a great gift idea for a smoker you might know who is reluctant to try something new on their own.

Regal ECig